Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Will wonders never cease!  Today the guy that was supposed to show up to install our kitchen backsplash actually arrived!  I was mighty surprised.  The local flooring and tile company started working on our house in November... of 2008.  Yes, 2008.  Tomorrow he will return to complete the grout.  There is still some tile odds and ends that need to be finished, so hopefully he will also return for that... but dare I get excited?  Maybe one day it will really be complete?

My boys and I also had a very successful day of schooling.  They finished a math unit, did a science lab on electricity (it was pretty fun) and then worked on their speeches for 4H.  We didn't get the piano practice done, but overall I was quite satisfied.

I was disappointed that I didn't get my swimming done today... and I'm really excited about it too!  My husband bought me an adorable little ipod shuffle and waterproof case for it!  It is a H20 Audio Interval for the 3G shuffle.  I was actually really disappointed with the player at first.  No matter what configuration of ear buds (they include many options with the device) I tried, I just couldn't get a good seal.  Luckily my husband is kind of a genius and he modified my ear plugs that I use when swimming to work with the earbuds provided... works like a charm!  Oh, and the best part?!  On my shuffle, my husband had it engraved... "Action Girl!"  He even added the exclamation point!  You gotta love it!


  1. I love your blog Alice. I hope we get to see each other again in this lifetime....but for now i have this!!

  2. it's Tanya Schlaht btw...and i don't know how to follow you or sign in....


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