Thursday, January 7, 2010

Finally Scrapbooking, and Our Puppy!

Finally scrapbooking!

Today was a slow but good day. We had our puppy groomed. The boys did their music practice and went to indoor soccer. I got to play with my new rice cooker again. And now I'm scrappin'!! It might be a late night! I'll add some pics of my results later, and maybe a picture of our super cute puppy!

Boy do kids grow up fast! I was reminded of this today as my almost 11 year old made waffles for us. I tried to be useful, but he didn't need my help. I have always encouraged my boys to be independent and I guess it is working out great, but it can still catch you off guard!

We saw the windmills on our trip near Lethbridge, AB last summer. This page is part of a series.
I love this picture of my boys from last Christmas. They were all dressed up for my cousin's wedding.
This is our Yorkshire Terrier puppy, Cookie! She is 14 weeks old now.
This is her when we got her at 8 weeks.

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