Wednesday, January 20, 2010


My cousin and I have decided that we would like to go to India.  Next month. To visit her parents who are there right now.  It turns out that there are a LOT of things to do before travelling to India.  Big surprise, right?  Yesterday I travelled to the city so I could file my tourist visa papers.  They should be in next week. I still have to book our tickets.  I need to have some vaccinations... OUCH!  My husband and children will not be coming, so I'll have to make a few arrangements for them too.  I need to pack.  I need to make sure all of our office work is caught up before I leave... and probably the laundry too.  Hmm... I suppose there are a few more things that I'm forgetting!

I must confess that India was never really on my MUST SEE list of places I would like to visit.  I'd never really given it much thought.  Until my aunt and uncle started talking about their upcoming trip,  then I knew I could not pass up this opportunity.  It would be one of those things you look back on in ten years and say, "I should have...".

Places/things on my MUST SEE travel list:
(in no particular order)

A volcano... maybe big island of Hawaii.  (I love Hawaii... have seriously considered moving there!)
Galapagos Islands
Niagra Falls
I'd love to go back to Australia... to see the Great Barrier Reef
The Great Wall of China
Monet's "Water Lilies"
New York
Easter Island
Sistine Chapel
Taj Mahal

These are only the things I can come up with quickly... I'm sure there are so many more things that I can add to the list!  I don't think that I'll have the opportunity to see the Taj Mahal while in India... it is not near my destination, so I'll have to leave it on the list for the future!

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