Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Won!!

No scrapbooking tonight either! That's because when the boys were done 4H we had another game of Settlers of Catan! We'll have to give the game back soon, so I couldn't resist getting in another round. Once again my husband, the ultimate schemer won... and my 9 year old son had another meltdown. I guess he really should be going to bed before 11:15pm, right? On the plus side, I did read to the boys tonight, (Dr. Suess, What Was I Scared Of) and I prepped the pool for my swim in the morning.
Guess what?!! I won a prize! Just before Christmas I entered the 12 Days of Christmas draw at my hairdressers, and I won! I won the twelfth day of Christmas!

The card read: On the 12th day of Christmas 12 drummers drum, because they are too loud, we got you just one.

Check out my nutcracker drummer! It winds up on the bottom, his arms move to beat the drum, and his mouth opens and closes, all while playing "The Little Drummer Boy". Sweet!

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