Saturday, March 6, 2010

Incredible India

I've been home for a week now.  It is a wonderful feeling to be back at home and to get back into my regular routines... which really means no routines, but in a familiar place.  It turns out my family did just fine for two and a half weeks without me.  My youngest son did get sick with a horrible ear infection, but that was all taken care of by my return.  Now I am ready to share what I brought back from India...

India.  Wow.  It is not the kind of place that you can visit without being hugely affected by it.  There is beauty beyond words.  (The Taj Mahal.)  There are sights so lovely that you feel as if your eyes will break after seeing them.  (Watching the sunrise from the back of an elephant.)  And then there are the sights that break your heart... the children begging in the streets, the unending trash littered everywhere, the people struggling just to exist.  Just when you think you have seen it all, along comes something even more outrageous.  I saw a family of 5 riding a motorbike.  No helmets of course.  I saw a small vehicle loaded with over 20 people.  I saw people in a river so polluted that only a picture can begin to describe it.

But I also saw happy people.  Smiling, laughing, playing, living.  We were so fortunate to have my uncle's driver invite us to visit his aunt and uncle's home.  We saw a home.  It was small.  It didn't have all of our modern comforts.  The people that lived there were happy, friendly, well-dressed, and well-educated.  To think that all of that can truly be accomplished with so little.  I have to wonder if we, with all of our modern conveniences, with all of our privilege, might have something wrong.  Are we so happy?  I'd like to think so, but I wonder.

I think I am more appreciative of all that I have, and my wonderful family I have to share it with.  India taught me a wonderful lesson and I'm grateful for that.

The Taj Mahal is a truly magnificent sight.

Our elephant ride was a magical experience.

A one-legged boy and his sister beg in the middle of traffic.

A family of 5 ride a motorcycle.

A disgusting polluted river used daily by the people.
With this many on the outside... you should see the inside.
Balancing your workload.

Market day... and butchering time too.

We were invited to dinner... a real Indian meal.

Rolling out the lentils for dinner.

Adorable neighbour girl.

The friendly school girls.

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