Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pink Socks!

The amount of joy I felt when I received these awesome pink socks from my secret sister was possibly hard for some people to comprehend.  Those people don't know me very well!  My secret sister in Beta Sigma Phi gave me these socks as part of my Valentines gift.  As I was in India watching the sun rise from the back of an elephant on Valentines Day, my gift was waiting for me when I came home.  There was also some of my favourite chocolates in my gift, and a princess pen, but the chocolates are no longer available for photography, and I am enraptured with delight with my socks...

I think pink socks defy the "norm".  People tend to wear boring socks to match their outfit, to conform with societies idea of fashion... but I will live on the wild side... defy the boring trappings of fashion... and wear my pink socks with a smile!  What colour are your socks?
As always, have a whimsically wonderful day!

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