Friday, May 14, 2010

New Year's Resolutions REVISITED!

It is hard to believe that we are already over 5 months into the new year!  Time has been flying by!

I think it is time to revisit my new year's resolutions, so I can renew my energy and revive my spirit!

1. Reading:  I have NOT been reading to my boys on a regular basis... so I've got to get back to this one!  It is something I think is very important so I'll have to renew my energy to make it a priority!
However I have been reading a lot lately, so I feel that on that part I'm doing pretty well.  I'd like to work a few more classics in there though!  I did read Life of Pi on my way to India, so that was awesome!  I was actually in one of the areas they talk about in the book!

2. Scrapbooking:  I have been doing a fair bit of scrapbooking, maybe not 8 layouts a month, but there has been progress, and I did COMPLETE my WHOLE album about my trip to Drumheller, so that is AWESOME!

3. Financial:  Well, this was going great, but then my bookkeeper quit... so I need to get on top of this again!

4. Homeschool:  The boys have been getting a lot of work done lately, and fairly consistently!  Yay!  We might not be quite "scheduled" though!

5. Fitness:  I haven't been doing as much swimming as I would like, but I have added ballet classes to the mix!  It is SO much FUN!  I love the way it challenges my body and my mind!  Now, just to get the swimming back to where I want it to be!

6. House:  There has been lots of progress!  The backsplash is done in the kitchen!  I have pantry shelves.  I have cupboards in the laundry rooms.  And best of all... I have a CLOSET!  Oh yeah, and yesterday we planted two apple trees in front of our house!  More to go, but so far it's looking great!

7. Organization: I completely forgot about the 365 Days of De-Cluttering Challenge, but I have been getting a LOT done!  (I hired an awesome housekeeper, that helps me get rid of piles!)

8. Relationship:  I don't know about setting dates, but I'm happy with my social calendar lately!

9. Cooking:  I have been trying baking and cooking.  Maybe not on a consistent level yet, but it has been pretty great, and I learned how to decorate a cake!

10.  Me... well, I know I'm important, now I'll just have to make sure I show everyone else how important they are to me!

Great!  I have been doing well, and there's room for improvement.  I'll update again soon!

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