Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A 9 Year Old Boy

So today as a fun homeschool experiment my husband gave our boys our very nice and expensive cameras to go outside and take photos of birds.  My 9 year old comes into the house and tells us that he is done because he got his picture.

With a sense of humour like this what will I do when he is 15?  (Yes, it is a dead bird... but he had nothing to do with the bird becoming that way... it was just a "lucky" photography find.   I use the word "lucky" with a grimace on my face.)  The funny thing about this is that the same kid won't eat chicken unless he know it is not one of the chickens that he raised coming out of our freezer.

Fortunately this same young boy has recently had a lesson in natural consequences....

On Sunday we plopped our canoe in the river near our house and took a calm and meandering river ride to town, where our pick up vehicle was ready and waiting.  As many times as you tell kids not to stand in a boat or on their inflatable toy, they seem to still have a difficult time understanding WHY you would want to ruin all their fun.  Because we all know that a 9 year old kid knows best!  So I will share a little sequence of photos that show that natural consequences truly are the best education a child can receive!  As a side note:  my 11 year old son was not so thrilled to be learning this lesson alongside his brother!!

These photos were taken moments apart... and I'll tell you, with the temperature of that water, it's a lesson he shouldn't forget too soon!   

And on Saturday, under the watchful eyes of the "ahem" fire brigade, we had a lesson about a fire's oxygen requirements.

So altogether an interesting couple of days!

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  1. Both boys will always make your life most interesting and rewarding. Believe me it does not stop as they get older. They will put a smile on your face, maybe not at the exact time, but you will be able to laugh later. Consider yourself lucky.


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