Saturday, July 10, 2010

Reading: The Forgotten Garden

The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton.  This book was fascinating! It tells a multigenerational story that weaves in between different time periods. It happens so smoothly it is like buttering toast. Upon completion of the book I sat back and wondered how does one even write a story like this? The flow from chapter to chapter by linking the story of one generation to another was very smartly done. The characters were lively or interesting and kept you guessing at their antics, however it was never dramatic or overdone.

The central character is Nell. She was found on a dock when she was 4 years old, having just travelled around the world. Alone. She doesn't know who she is and has no explanation as to how she got there. She does have a small suitcase that contains a magnificent book of fairytales.

As you read The Forgotten Garden you will come across some of the fairytales from Nell's book. It is such a treat to read these tales, as they are beautifully written and weave right into the story being told. Just as you think you have this story all figured out, it makes a turn and takes you in an unexpected direction! I don't know how much to say, as I would highly recommend you pick up this book for yourself! It is a fairly large book, but it is a quick read that will draw you in with its interesting characters and lovely settings. I read this book as part of the local library book club, and it is exactly the reason I love being a part of the club, for fascinating books like this!

Happy reading and have a whimsically wonderful day!

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  1. Alice, I felt the same way about the books by Margaret Laurence and Alice Munro. I sat back and thought: How can you write so beautifully and describe all the intricacies of family-life in such great detail, with all its little loves and hurts and pains...
    I'll put this book on my list as well and hopefully it's as beautiful as you described it!


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