Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Homeschool - Back to Routines

Once again it is that lovely time of year when everyone gets organized and goes back to their regular routines and the kids head off to school.  As much as I love the hot and lazy days of summer I do love getting back into our regular routines and activities!  What does this time of year mean for a homeschooling family though?

For us, we work on a somewhat similar schedule as the local schools. It is handy with all of the extra curricular activities, and it is nice to really take a break and enjoy the short summers that we have here in Alberta.

We usually don't do a bunch of back to school clothing shopping, we tend to pick up items on a demand basis.  The deals that you can find on clothing right now are just not worth the fight at the malls!  I did take advantage of some of the great deals that are available on school supplies right now!  

I sat down yesterday with all of my school texts that I picked up earlier in the year. I made our daily schedule for the next 2 months.  I always make sure I leave plenty of days for catching up on work that we will miss when other, more interesting educational opportunities, come our way.  (Hooray for field trips!)  I also made notes about what units we will most likely cover in science and social studies this year.  I double checked the Alberta Education website to see what the boys would be learning in regular school this year.  I try to do a couple of units from each grade level that would cross over to public education.  Mostly I like to let our science and social studies stem from the boys interests at the time and possibly from any upcoming family vacations.

This year we are starting out a bit behind schedule as we did not finish all of our math and language before summer.  I debated moving the boys into the next level and decided that we would just finish the books they were working in before so we did not miss any important information.  (Wouldn't want them to miss out on conjunctions or pie charts! snicker snicker).

Yesterday was our first day sitting down with our books, and it was hard to get the boys to focus on getting their work done in a timely manner.  Today they started slowly, but finished strong, so I hope that tomorrow will be even better!  Right now in science we are doing a unit about Simple Machines, so we have lots of interesting labs to do in the next few weeks and I find that to be a great way to break up any monotonous bookwork.

Here's to fall and the start of our next learning adventures!  I hope you have a whimsically wonderful day!

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