Saturday, November 20, 2010

Favourite Inspirational Quote

Your life is an occasion.  Rise to it.

I LOVE this saying.  I can't remember where I first heard it, but I know that for quite some time I had it written on a ripped scrap of pink paper, clipped onto a board where I could see it everyday.   I didn't actually SEE it everyday of course.

Like a deer standing motionless in a field it began to blend into the background.  It joined the muzak of our regular belongings.  Every once in awhile my eye would catch on that little scrap of paper, and I would smile fondly, momentarily thinking, "Yeah, that's a great saying."

Then life would move on and the quote was forgotten again... for awhile.

I don't know what happened to that little ripped pink piece of paper.  It got lost in the shuffle.  You see, that paper was stuck on a board in our travel trailer, when we were living in it.  We had sold our house and were living in the travel trailer until our new home could be built.

We lived in that trailer for 17-1/2 months.

That is a very long time for a homeschooling family of 4, and a pet hamster, to live in a summer holiday trailer... in snowy Alberta.  There were times of great distress and frustration.  And my constant worry... that somehow our new home would NEVER be finished.

Fortunately our home did get finished.  We were able to, FINALLY, move out of the camper and into our dream home.

Living in a camper taught me a lot.

I can shower in less than two minutes.
Hamsters are very active nocturnal little critters.
If I haul my laundry around with me it can be done at parents, siblings and friends and not too often, the laundry mat.
A family of 4 creates a LOT of laundry.
A backed-up sewer may make me somewhat hysterical.
Scratch the "somewhat".
My children are amazingly adaptable.
Kids don't need so many toys to be happy.
Seeing the carpenters show up after 2 months of absolutely no progress may make me bawl with tears of  joy.
I don't need a fancy exercise room for a treadmill, it can be used in a heated garden shed.
My kids roll over a lot at night.
A little kid rolling over will shake the whole trailer.
I can live without a TV, but not without high speed internet, there are SOME limitations!
That when my furnace stops working because it is too cold for the propane, all I need is a trouble light, a tarp and my husband.
Living in a camper is easier when you have a hot tub.
Birthday presents don't require fancy wrapping paper, a bed sheet works just fine.
In the middle of winter cupboard doors must be left open to prevent frost build up inside.
Field trips rock!
Swim Club, Soccer, Art Classes, Music lessons, Science workshops and more, allow temporary escape from the camper.
It may be necessary to defrost the door latch with a hair dryer to make the latch work in winter.
I might not be a roofer but I can offer moral support and pass a shingle when required.
Kids can do music lessons while living in a camper.
Getting a whole house bricked takes a VERY LONG TIME.
My husband is an amazing man who makes my dreams become reality!

I hope you will live every moment of your life.  Even the ones you don't consider the "good" ones. Living in a camper may not have been easy, but we LIVED while we were in that camper.  We had fun and adventure.  We explored the world around us.  We did not put life on hold waiting for a "better" time.  Your time is right now, no matter what your situation is.

My life really is an occasion, and I'm thrilled to be rising to it!

 It gets mighty cold here in winter, but the hot tub is a great escape.
Gift wrap, the bed sheet method.
Hamsters truly are nocturnal creatures.
 Always on hand to help with a smile.
 The construction site, with campsite down at bottom left.
 Providing moral support while roofing.
 School time in the camper.
 The bricks begin!
 The space that will become Alice's Attic, my scrapbook workshop!
 Joe and Ryan pitch in with the dishes occasionally.
A good friend recognizes the significance of the move into the bonus room, and that it must be celebrated!
And those friends stick around to see the dream become reality!
Me and my husband, the man that makes my occasions sparkle!

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