Monday, November 1, 2010

Mom, Mom, Come, Look!

We had our first snowfall recently and I always have mixed feelings about it.  This year it came overnight and we woke up with everything white.  I love how beautiful everything looks with a blanket of new fallen snow.  I am not so excited about the beginning of another long and cold winter.

On this first day of snow, October 25, 2010 my boys come into the house yelling, "Mom, Mom, Come, Look!  Our house is decorated for Christmas!"

They are very excited so I race outside, with my camera in hand of course, to see what was causing this level of enthusiasm.

There, right along the eavestrough is a perfect snow garland!  I looked over at my two boys, both of them smiling widely with excitement.

Sometimes it is so clear what the Christmas spirit is all about.  With a big smile on MY face I realized, yes, we are ready for Christmas!

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