Monday, November 22, 2010

The Question

My 10 year old son asked a question.  "What would you do if you could choose between having a billion dollars, but you will die at age 60, or you can keep your regular income, and live out your normal lifespan?"

What a tough question!

Having a billion dollars is very appealing.  There would be so many opportunities available to you with that money.  Perhaps you could live a "better" life, or a more joy-filled life.  One of the things I love when I go on holidays is the lack of pressure.  No bills to pay, or jobs to do, just fun and happiness each day.  With a billion dollars we could go on as many holidays as I like.  We could travel to all the places I dream of one day seeing.  We could literally make our dreams our reality.

On the other hand, my life right now is great.  I have a wonderful husband, and two great kids.  I spend time with my family and doing things that I love.  One day my kids will be grown, and possibly have their own kids.  I want to be a part of their adult life and involved in the lives of any future grandchildren.  Could I possibly throw that opportunity away for money?

I'm stuck... I don't really know what I would choose. I love the idea of the money, but I can only imagine myself on the eve of my 60th birthday begging for more time.  More time to be with those that I love.

This sounds like it would make a great movie!  If this gets made I hope my son is given credit for the interesting idea!

Any comments on your choice?


  1. I asked my hubby. And I thought about it too. We'd way sooner have our regular life. Yeah, the money would be nice, but that's only 30 more years. Yes, lots happens in 30 years, but I could live for another 30 years after 60 too!


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