Thursday, December 16, 2010

Baking- Cherry Coffeecake

The first time I was offered coffeecake I politely declined as I am not keen on coffee-flavoured treats.  Fortunately I now understand that a coffeecake is simply a cake that you would serve with coffee... it usually is not coffee-flavoured!  I saw a delicious looking recipe on The Frugal Girl yesterday for Cherry Coffeecake.  I love the recipes that she features, and I love all of the step by step directions with photos so you can see exactly what it should look like as you go.  Today I made this cake with my boys and it truly is delicious!  It turned out exactly the way it was supposed to, so I can highly recommend it!  If you want the recipe it is on the Frugal Girl site, so just click the link above!

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