Sunday, January 23, 2011

4H Presentations

I am so proud of my boys!  They did such great jobs on their 4H Presentations!

Ryan's Presentation was called, "How to Raise Chickens".  He talked about incubating eggs, what to feed chickens, and how to care for chickens.  He was very well received and placed FIRST in the Junior Presentation category at our club level!  He will now go on to compete at District Level.

Joe's Presentation was called, "How to Make a Chicken Dinner".  He talked about making a menu plan and then preparing your items in the correct order.  He walked through the steps of the whole meal... including setting the table and cleaning up.  He did an excellent job too, and he placed SECOND in the Junior Presentation category at our club level.  He is already trying to figure out how to go to District... instead of Ryan!

I was asked to make cakes for each day of the speeches.  (Day one was presentations and Day two was prepared speeches and impromptu.)  Here is one of the cakes I made:

And here's my boys with a piece of it!

Hurray!  Rainbow cake!!

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