Friday, January 28, 2011

Creating A Working Closet

I have been inspired to update my wardrobe this year.  It was one of my New Years Resolutions.  So far, I have been trying new things, and generally having a great time playing with my clothes.  I have mentioned several websites I have been visiting for fashion inspiration and have found a new one: Kendi Everyday.
Kendi shares lots of photos of clothes that she wears, the way she remixes her wardrobe and useful fashion inspiration.  She has been doing a series on Creating a Working Closet and I'd love to share the links with you!

Creating a Working Closet: Part 1: Purge

Creating a Working Closet: Part 2: Assess

Creating a Working Closet: Part 3: Organize

Creating a Working Closet: Part 4: Shopping

Creating a Working Closet: Part 5: Remixing

I plan to walk myself through each step, and overhaul my wardrobe.  I will use her wonderful tips to help me create my own sense of style, with a working closet!

I will leave you with a recent photo of an outfit I put together, inspired by remixing!

The pink skirt is actually a dress.  
I paired it with this cute layered top and wrapped it with the belt.  
I love it!

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