Monday, January 24, 2011

Evil Mom!!

I sent my kids to play in the pool yesterday, and soon I could hear them complaining about the water being too cold.  The water is 87°F, which is well above normal pool temperatures... so they were just being wimps!  Suddenly I crack an evil grin... "I'll show them what cold water is!"  I say followed by an evil laugh.  

I fill two small Tupperware plastic glasses, you know the kind, your mom had them when you were a kid.  Then I plunk an ice cube into each glass.  After making sure the ice cubes were completely melted I snuck downstairs and ask my boys, "What's the problem?"  

They should have been tipped off by the sugary-sweetness of my voice, but they quickly answered, "the water is too cold."  

"Oh, too cold you say... IS IT AS COLD AS THIS?" I bellow as I proceed to throw cold water at both of my unsuspecting children.

"AAHHHGGH!!"  They both start shrieking, and vainly trying to splash me, but it is too late!  Evil Mom has prevailed and I cackle maniacally as I make my escape.  Evil Mom is triumphant!

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