Monday, January 10, 2011

Homeschooling - 4H Public Speaking

My two boys are involved in the local 4H Club.  We have a Multi-Club with several different interest groups.  This year the boys participate in Outdoor Adventure.  In two weeks it will be that time of year again where all of the kids prepare and deliver their speeches or presentations.  I'm thrilled that the boys are involved in this.  I feel that being able to share opinions or information with a group is a valuable life skill.

Last year went really well.  Joe did his speech about slate and discussed visiting a slate museum in Wales.  He brought in a piece of slate and had photos to show.  He did a very professional job and looked great too!

Joe's Slate Presentation

Ryan is loves to be the centre of attention.  He has no fear of performing in front of others.  His presentation was called How to Make Play-dough.  He demonstrated how to prepare it and then pulled out some pre-prepared dough and gave it out as samples.  Everyone loved his presentation and he won first place for Junior demonstrations and moved on to District level.
Ryan's How to Make Play-dough presentation.

This year the boys have a bit of a "chicken" theme going.  Ryan will do a presentation on "How to Raise Chickens" and Joe will be doing a presentation on "How to Make a Chicken Dinner".  Just thinking about this makes me smile!!  I'll be sure to share how it all goes!

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  1. I was in the Light Horse 4-H club in Bindloss. Public Speaking made me so nervous....I hope your boys do real well!!!


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