Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Menu Planning?

I have been reading recently about the wonders of menu planning, creating a menu for the entire week and making the meals that you have planned.  Although I LOVE the sound of this I tend to love the IDEA of being organized, but I tend to be BAD at actually pulling it off!  Although this may be a bit too organized for me, the benefits sound so good I'd like to give it a try!

What are the benefits of Menu Planning?  

  1. Knowing ahead of time what to make for supper every day!  This would be such a nice way to relieve some of that "Oh no,  it's almost suppertime!" panic.
  2. Having all of the supplies for a meal available in the house, as I could purchase them using my menu plan and improved shopping list.  Not always trying to scavenge for meal ideas with what is available!
  3. Possibly saving money by only purchasing things that we are actually going to make and eat. Using up leftovers and not having a bunch of food go bad in the fridge would be great too!

So, as I really like the sound of all 3, I will attempt to Menu Plan, shop accordingly, and see if it actually provides the promised benefits!

Here's my First Weekly Menu.

Wednesday - Reuben Sandwiches

Thursday - Turkey Wraps

Friday - Beef Stew - Crockpot style

Saturday- We will be out, I will bring Taco Dip

Sunday- Tortellini or leftovers

Monday- Corn Chowder

Tuesday- Sweet & Sour Meatballs and brown rice

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