Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Favourite Hot Drink

Yesterday I was over at The Dainty Squid and she shared her favourite hot drink.  With the horrible weather we have had recently I thought this was a great idea... especially since I love my hot drinks!

My #1 Favourite Hot Drink:  Read My Lips Tea from David's Tea

Here is their promo for the tea: 

Kiss me, kiss me

Okay, this is probably the world’s best chocolate tea. Honestly. Better than dessert. More reliable than sex. It’s a totally decadent combination of China black tea, vanilla, peppermint, chocolate bits and spicy red peppercorns. Plus it contains little red candy lips for a kiss of sweetness. In other words, it’s a completely satisfying spring experience with no guilt or strings attached.

Who doesn't like the sound of that???   (I add a tsp. or two of sugar to my cup... yum!)

Don't you love the little candy lips? and the mini chocolate chips?

My #2 Favourite Hot Drink: Mulled Apple Cider with Mulling Spices from Epicure Selections

I love making this drink using unsweetened apple juice and the spice... that's it!  You can mix things up with cranberry juice or even red wine... but I like it with just apple juice.  I always hope there is some left over... I refrigerate it and have it cold too!

Cinnamon, apple, cloves and more... mmm!

My #3 Favourite Hot Drink: Black Currant Tea from Tetley

I have loved this tea for years!  My mom used to buy it, and now whenever I find it I pick some up!  It is becoming harder to find, and I'm running low, so I am kind of hoarding it right now!

I love the subtle Black Current flavour of this black tea!

My #4 Favourite Hot Drink:  Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows

I love the Carnation Hot Chocolate mix.  As a kid I used to eat it with a spoon... without water!   I don't do that anymore, but I do like it served with lots of marshmallows!  (Recently we tried the Cadbury hot chocolate... it's just NOT the same!)

I don't usually get the marshmallow variety, I add my own, that's way better! 

My #5 Favourite Hot Drink:  pretty much any tea!

Yes, this drawer is stacked two layers deep!  So many great choices!

I really love tea!  This is a photo of my tea drawer... well, the top layer! (there's two!)  I have quite a few different flavours.  Right now the drawer is pretty full, so I've been trying not to buy any more... I guess I need to step up my tea consumption!

I hope that you can grab a cup of your favourite hot drink, curl up with a good book, and have a whimsically wonderful day!

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  1. I'm a coffee girl and adding chocolate to it of some sort isn't a bad thing either.


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