Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Resolutions of 2010 Revisited

Today I wanted to discuss how things went last year.  Yesterday I shared how I'm changing it up for this year.  The small type is copied from my A New Beginning post from last year, the large type is my breakdown of how well things went, along with my own Pass/Fail decision.


1. Reading: I want to read to my children every day... or at least 5 times a week!
I will also make a list of books for my own personal reading, and I would like to tackle one each month.

This one started out so well! I was reading to the boys very consistently and we really enjoyed it... but eventually the routine failed and we read together occasionally.  I love the idea of reading to them everyday, but the reality is, that is just WAY too scheduled for me!  So, FAIL, I guess, but not by much!   I have been reading books from my personal reading list, I don't think I managed one each month, but I'll give myself a pass on that one!  (if you want to see some of my favourite books from this year click on Great Books under "Labels" in my sidebar)

2. Scrapbooking: I will scrapbook 8 layouts per month! That is 2 per week. Basically I just want to scrapbook on a regular basis.

Eight layouts per month?!!  That's a lot!!  What was I thinking?  I did scrapbook quite a bit, but I don't know if I did that much... but I did scrapbook on a regular basis... so I accomplished what I really wanted to!

3. Financial: I will get caught up on all of our office work! (Fortunately the bookkeeper will help with this one!)

We had issues with our bookkeeper and I now have a NEW bookkeeper.  She is awesome!  We are doing so well and things are organized and almost all caught up!  Success!

4. Homeschool: I will help the boys do their schoolwork on a regular basis... dare I say : SCHEDULE!!

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!  A schedule!!!  I must have been crazy the day I wrote that!!  EPIC FAIL!!  However my kids did manage to learn a lot and I'm happy with how things are progressing... so silver lining??

5. Fitness: I will continue to swim every other day.

As usual I get into swimming, I love it, and then something derails my good intentions... like a cold, that lasted from Sept. 10 to Nov. 24.  I'll give myself a pass for my healthy time, because I did fairly well then!

6. House: I will be persistent in getting our house finished this year! Lighting, backsplash and guest rooms here we come!

Well, the house isn't totally finished.  We still need some lighting, a door bell, ceilings in the basement, and I only have one of my guest rooms complete.  We did get our backsplash done and did I mention that the finished guest room is BEAUTIFUL?!!  Definitely a Pass!

7. Organization: I want to get rid of clutter in my life! To help with this I will accept the 365 Days of De-Cluttering Challenge!

I thought I would do the De-Cluttering Challenge, but that failed before it even started!!  My house is somewhat clean, most of the time. Clutter builds up and is eventually dealt with.  I think that this is a problem that will be a constant battle that I just need to accept!  

8. Relationship: I will make dates... with husband and with friends! Once a week with my husband and once a month with my girlfriends.

Was I supposed to make OFFICIAL dates?  I did spend time with friends and with my husband, so I'd say I passed.  Although the sound of an official date with my husband does sound nice!

9. Cooking: I will attempt to become a better cook! Learn to do by doing... so I will try my hand at cooking or baking once a week!

Once a week!  Gosh, I was certainly in an optimistic mood when I said this!  I have been preparing supper very consistently.  Supper is on the table at 6 p.m. almost every night!  I have baked a few things, even new things, so that is good, but once a week is definitely a FAIL!

10. I will find ways to show the important people in my life how precious they are... even ME!

I hope that this happened, it is the hardest one to judge.  I hope that my important people know how precious they are!

So, there you have it... did I Pass or Fail?  I'll give myself credit... even by trying to accomplish these goals I have been successful!  Maybe the quantities and timelines are not what I set my goals for, but that really doesn't bother me... why not set the bar high, so I have something to reach for?  So, congratulations to me for my successes with my 2010 New Years Resolutions!!  I'm sure 2011 will be even better!


  1. great work!!!

    So good to see you made progress.

  2. I came looking for you menu post that came to my reader, but it is gone. I wanted to encourage you to plan your menu. I use Google calendar and love planning 3 months at a time. The Big Cook (gave Shelley your copies today) has helped immensely! I just cook one recipe at a time and do that 3 or 4 times a month, or less and it gets me through the month easily. Here is the link to my menu on Google calendar, if you are interested:

  3. I'm going to do the Menu Planner, it is a work in progress and was posted by accident before it was complete! (whoops!) You'll see it later this week! I haven't actually planned my menu yet! Thanks so much for the link, I'm always looking for inspiration!


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