Thursday, January 6, 2011

One Man's Junk...

... Is another person's treasure!

Today I took the boys to our local used goods shop, The Repeat Boutique.  I have only been to here twice before.  Once for shopping and once to donate my time.  The donation of time was interesting, my ladies group went to donate time cutting rags.  The shopping was a horrible bust and I swore that I'd never return.  Never say never!

Inspired by many things I've seen online recently and by my New Years Resolution to revamp my wardrobe and make it more interesting I thought a trip to the Repeat Boutique was a good idea.  Yesterday I brought my boys with me and we found all kinds of treasures.

Ryan was begging me for a big, ugly armchair.  He assured me that it was VERY comfortable!  I told him that there was no way it was coming into my house.  End of conversation.  Until he asked me again.  And again.  And again.  Ugh!  Finally he found a TV (for $20) and thought it would be a good purchase instead.  Shortly after receiving permission, he came up to me and asked for the keys to the car.  He had already paid for the TV and had the saleslady waiting outside to put it into the car!

When we got home Joe looked at Ryan's TV and noticed it did not have the right input connections, so Ryan was not able to hook up his video games.  "I got ripped off!"  was Ryan's exact comment.  Fortunately dad was home and agreed to take Ryan back for a refund.  Not only did they get a refund, but Ryan found another TV, this time with the right input connections and it was only $8.  So NOW I have a happy boy, with $12 extra bucks in his pocket.

Joe found something interesting in a box and wanted me to look at it, to tell him what it was!  It was an electronic typewriter, portable size.  It was in the original packaging and looked almost brand new for only $10.  No instruction manual in the box, but it's a typewriter, so I figured we would be okay.  He has it set up and is LOVING it!  It works great and he started typing a letter to his Grandma right away!

I worked my way through the ladies clothing section.  Lots of interesting finds, and there were some seriously cute skirts... 2 sizes too small.  In the end I filled two laundry baskets with items that I will try out, so I'm excited to see what kind of treasures I will add to my wardrobe!  I'll post photos when I have gone through the enormous pile!  Anything that doesn't work for me will be returned to the Repeat Boutique and someone else will have a chance to make it their own treasure!

I will leave you with a photo of me from two days ago... black and white... it's alright!

Have yourself a whimsically wonderful day!

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