Thursday, February 3, 2011

30 for 30 Challenge Choices

The challenge is to use only 30 pieces from your wardrobe for 30 days.  To mix and match them in new ways so that you wear a different outfit each day.  And... to not purchase any new items for those 30 days!

See my previous post with more details about the 30 for 30 challenge here.

It has been quite the challenge already... just to narrow down my choices!  Luckily for me in winter footwear doesn't have many options, so... other than my winter boots I only have one other pair of boots that I will wear.

These are actually lined, but not really warm enough for our tough Canadian winters!
(I felt like it was cheating to not include any footwear.)
3 Fabulous dresses.

7 skirts
2 pairs of pants
3 Sweater-type tops
2 Jacket-style tops
4 Long-sleeve tops
8 various tops

There... 30 items!

It should be interesting to try remixing these items to come up with some "hopefully" fabulous new outfits!  You'll notice I didn't choose many pants.  I really want to work more skirts into my wardrobe... so... now I'll have to!  I'll be posting my daily photos once a week on Thursdays through February, and into March, so stay tuned!  Here's a couple to get things started.

February 1.  Brown shirt with floral skirt.

February 2 - Teal top with Green skirt.

Happy styling and have a wonderfully whimsical day!


  1. It looks like you'll be freezing to death ;-))

    I love the 2nd of February!!!!

  2. No... I just avoid going outside at all costs! My fashion is purely indoors! (That's why I didn't include a bunch of shoes!)

    Thanks, I thought it was great too! My skirt is somewhat new, so I love trying it with new tops... I thought this one really worked well.

  3. This challenge is way to easy for me, I could trade in your 7 skirts and 3 dresses for another pair of lulu's and add about 9 more shirts, and wala, that's about were I'm at anyway, oh by the way I like your boots!


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