Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Menu Planning Week 5

Week 4 went fairly well.  We took out a roast... and it was actually steaks, so we had steak instead of roast!  (Does your freezer ever surprise you like this?)  The beef stew didn't happen (I was planning to use left over roast beef) instead we had a second night of steaks. I rearranged the schedule for the weekend, but overall, the whole menu thing worked.  It really doesn't matter which order we eat the foods, just that I have the groceries and make the meals!

So here's my plan for this week!

Wednesday - Stir Fry

Thursday - Aussie Chicken and brown rice.

Friday - We will be going out!

Saturday - Homemade Pizza

Sunday - Leftovers

Monday -  Chicken and pasta

Tuesday - Turkey Wraps

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