Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Year's Resolutions of 2011 Revisited!

After realizing how much my opinions and feelings have changed since the beginning of the year regarding giving up schedules, I thought it would be a good idea to revisit the rest of my resolutions.

1.  I resolve to spend time with my husband and boys this year.  Playing, reading, smiling, laughing, learning, living and adventuring.  I want this year to be a year to remember, for all of the great experiences we will have!  I want quantity time and quality time.  I want my New Years Resolution for 2012 to read... I resolve to make this year just like last year!

So far we have been doing some of all of these things.  However I think we can do even better!  So I will make an active effort in order to improve this!

2.  I resolve to give up on schedules!  It just isn't me and it is time to embrace that!  Does this mean I won't plan, or schedule anything?  NO!  It just means that I want to accept that living by a schedule is not the core my being... I am just not easily confined to routine... and I'm FINALLY okay with that!

I discussed this yesterday... (see post here).  Apparently I now like schedules and routine!  Weird!

3.  I resolve to keep creating!  I love spending time in my amazing scrapbook room!  It makes me happy, so I want to do it more!  I love that I can play with my "artistic side" and create records of my memories to share with family and friends.  I also love that I can share this through the classes that I teach!  

This has been going so well!  I love teaching my classes and I love creating in my scrapbook room!

4.  I resolve to keep at this cooking/baking thing.  I'm not really loving it yet, but I'm learning and can make yummy things, so that's good!

With my menu planning I would say I'm definitely on top of this one!  I have even been trying out new recipes!

5.  I resolve to make time for the things that I love: my family, my friends, scrapbooking, swimming, travelling, reading, choir and whatever new interests come my way this year!

I have totally been doing this!  Hurray!

6.  I resolve to develop my own sense of style.  I've been looking back at some old photos and I'd say that I've never exactly followed the trends!  My wardrobe now is quite joyless, so I'd like to bring some of that whimsy back!  Can whimsical be classic?  We'll see!!

My 30 for 30 Challenge is helping me to look at my wardrobe with new eyes!  I'm definitely doing well on this one!

7.  I resolve to try new things!  Things that make me uncomfortable or squeamish.  I've never tried sushi, (I don't like fish, somehow RAW fish doesn't sound better!!) or ran a 10k, or ... I don't know I'll have to see what I can come up with!!

I have been trying new things this year!  I haven't had sushi, or run a 10k, but I did eat a shrimp dip... it was okay, and yesterday I ate a panini with olives.  I think I can handle the olives... but it will be awhile before I become a seafood convert!  There are plenty of new experiences for me to try, so I'll keep on the look-out for new things to try!


Overall I'd say I'm doing very well with my resolutions!  There is room for improvement, which is why I like to revisit my resolutions... it helps me to refocus my energy.  Did you make resolutions this year?  How are they going?  Do you need to refocus your energy, or have you succeeded?!  I think it is important to be happy with where we are, but constantly strive to become better.

Have a whimsically wonderful day!

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