Monday, February 14, 2011

Stamping Flubs Fixed!

Happy Valentine's Day!!  I hope you share some love with your family today.  To spread some love your way today I will share a 'lovely' series of posts from Jeanette Lynton, the founder of Close to my Heart.  Enjoy the beautiful artwork, and don't forget to bookmark my page so you can easily find your way back to all these great ideas!

This past week Jeanette has been sharing fast and easy fixes for those little moments when you say, "oops!"  If you have ever scrapbooked with me you've heard me say, "There are no mistakes in scrapbooking, only opportunities for new creativity."  Jeanette will help see you some of these creative opportunities!

PART 1 HERE - In part one Jeanette shares how to fix an incompletely stamped image.  (To prevent this problem make sure you have your foam packing material placed under the paper you are stamping on!!)

PART 2 HERE - In part two Jeanette has a fantastic idea for removing the line created when you accidentally transfer ink from the edge of your block onto your project.

PART 3 HERE - In part three Jeanette shares a couple of ways to fix an image that isn't stamped very straight... although with our fabulous clear stamps and blocks this is barely a problem anymore!

PART 4 HERE - In part four Jeanette shows you ideas for to "fix" a poorly cut out image, because sometimes we don't have the best scissor skills!

PART 5 HERE - In part five Jeanette will show you how to deal with a stamped image that doesn't stamp well over layered paper.

There you have it, a bunch of tips to help you handle a little 'oops!' when you are stamping!  I hope this helps you feel the love with your scrapbook projects a little more!

If you would like to order the products shown in the examples from Jeanette's site please visit:

Have a whimsically wonderful Valentine's Day!  Happy scrappin'!

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