Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Reading: Painless

Not too long ago I downloaded a free copy of Painless into my iBooks on my iPhone.  Painless is the first published novel by Derek Ciccone.  To purchase from Amazon there is a link at the bottom of this post.

I was fairly new to the iBook format, and in the 'free' section I mostly found classic stories, not much for modern fiction.  I downloaded Painless and didn't start reading it right away.  When I finally started reading, I was disappointed that I had waited so long!

Painless is the story of Billy Harper, a struggling writer, who rents a guest house from Chuck and Beth Whitcomb.  As part of the rental arrangements he agrees to babysit four-year-old Carolyn Whitcomb.  As Bill warms to "princess" Carolyn's winsome ways, he soon discovers that Carolyn is not your normal four-year-old little girl.

The plot is complicated by a covert military organization which takes an interest in Carolyn's interesting ability/disability.  Billy soon finds himself on the run, trying to protect Carolyn from this dangerous threat.

I found this story to be captivating right from the start.  The characters are interesting, and flawed, just like real people.  I found myself laughing at the cute things Carolyn said, and fascinated by Carolyn's special ability.  Carolyn's 'ability' became a major issue for contemplation while reading this book.  I found myself constantly trying to imagine what life would have been like for Carolyn, or for the people that love her.

I would highly recommend this book!  Painless by Derek Ciccone will keep you reading and get you thinking, and that makes a great book!

Have a whimsically wonderful day!

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  1. I totally agree. Best free item I have ever received, maybe ever!


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