Saturday, April 9, 2011

Project 365 Week 14

It's Saturday again, so it is time for the next instalment of my Project 365 photos!  If you missed the last one click the Project 365 tab at the top for a link to all of the posts. The goal of Project 365 is simple: take a candid photo every day for a year!  

The photos can be of anything, people, places, activities or objects.  The photos will tell a story about the interesting tidbits of your life for a whole year.  If this sounds like fun to you, join in!  This project does not need to be started on January 1, you can start any date, your birthday, anniversary or today!

April 2 - My brother-in-law's birthday cake... I did not make it, but it was sure great!
April 3 - My first flight in Jonas' new plane!  We went to the mountains.
April 4 - I was making Cheese and Beer Bread, but guess what I didn't have?  Cheese!  Oops!
April 7 - The beautiful sky on my second flight in the the plane.
April 8 - Ryan gets to hold a Bearded Dragon at a friend's house... he was very happy!

Have a whimsically wonderful weekend!

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