Wednesday, June 8, 2011

First Swim Meet...

... of the Season!  Saturday was the first swim meet of the season for my son Ryan. 

Here you can see Ryan diving off the block.

Ryan swims a freestyle race.

It was a great meet.  Ryan did not swim last summer, so we weren't too sure how he would place getting back in the water this year.  (He swam the 3 years before that!)  As it turns out he did very well!  Ryan placed second in his 25m backstroke, third in his 100m freestyle, and fourth in his 50m freestyle!  He was really disappointed to find out that his fourth place was only one one-hundredth of a second behind third place.  I told him, that even though this time was not in his favour, he should be encouraged, because that means he could easily have third next time!

I was really happy to be back in the swim circuit.  I love cheering for all of the swimmers.  I love watching the kids improve on their own personal best times.  I love the atmosphere and I love watching my son swim a great race!  Go Ryan, Go!

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