Sunday, July 24, 2011

Good Food Box

Just when I think that changes won't happen something comes along to bring a ray of hope. I believe that most people will admit that unhealthy eating is a real problem in society these days. One of the common complaints/excuses I hear about why people can't or don't eat healthier is the expense of fresh food. That's why I was so excited to hear about the Good Food Box in my community. For $20 you preorder a box of vegetables. You don't choose what is in the box, you simply get what they give you. (a list of potential items is provided). The purpose is to provide fresh food for less.

This month was our first month participating and I was very happy with the program. They schedule one day for picking up your box. If you don't pick up your food during the time allotted it will be donated to the local food bank.  I went to pick up my box and found out that it was actually a reusable shopping bag. Hooray for first impressions! The bag was stuffed full of fresh fruits and vegetables. Not all items that were on the suggested list were in the bag, but for every item not included something else was.  For $20 it was a great deal.

Here is a photo of all of our food!

This program is open to everyone in the community so I hope it is a huge success and that it will receive the support it needs to continue!

Have a whimsically wonderful day!

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