Monday, July 25, 2011

Reading: Her Fearful Symmetry

I recently read Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger.   I thought this was going to be a great book.  It captured me right from the start.  The setting was interesting, London's Highgate Cemetery is the backdrop of the story.  The characters are interesting, twin sisters that no longer speak to each other, one of them with twin daughters.  The book was fun and easy to read with an air of mystery waiting be be discovered.   Then the main character died and became a ghost.  Oh...  

Apparently I didn't read the back cover very well because I didn't realize I was reading a ghost story.  I guess I was just in the wrong state of mind for this book and it didn't win me over.  

Audrey Niffenegger also wrote The Time Traveller's Wife.  I watched the movie, I didn't read the book, but since it was so fascinating I had high hopes for this book.  If you are looking for a well-written unusual story this is a good option. 

If you would like to decide for yourself about this book it is available for sale through Amazon at the link below.

Happy reading and have a whimsically wonderful day!

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