Sunday, August 21, 2011

Big Things

Albertans seem to like Big Things.  We have an abundance of giant landmarks.  (Click here to see a list.)  I had the opportunity to explore some new places in my province last week.  From Monday to Friday my boys went to 4H summer camp.  The camp was a 5 hour drive from our home, so in all of the dropping off and picking up I spent 20 hours just driving - oh boy! (Please read that last comment with heavy sarcasm, thank you!)  

Along the way I visited two towns with big attractions.  Smoky Lake, Alberta is the home of the Great White North Pumpkin Fair and Festival.  The town has a display of some very big pumpkins perfect for a quick photo op.

Then we went to pick up the boys at camp.


Signing the camp T-shirts.

Now that we had our boys back we stopped in Glendon, Alberta to see the World's Largest Pyrogy.  A pyrogy (also perogy and pierogi) is a dumpling most commonly stuffed with mashed potato.

While visiting the giant pyrogy we decided to order some pyrogy's from the Pyrogy Park Diner.  While we waited my boys played in the park.  (I absolutely loved Merry-Go-Rounds as a kid!)

When our pyrogies were ready, they were delicious!  No wonder Glendon is famous for its pyrogies!

I'd like to tour Alberta to see all the "Big Things."  I don't think I would travel just to see them.  Perhaps I should keep a list, and mark them off as I do my regular travels.  Do you have any larger than life landmarks near you?  What do you think about these "tourist attractions"?

I hope you have a whimsically wonderful day!

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