Friday, August 5, 2011

Drive By Inspiration

As I was driving home tonight I passed a car and this is what I saw:

This put a HUGE smile on my face!  I slowed down so I could pass them again and get a photo to share!

As a kid I loved playing the "How many people can you get to wave to you game" in the car.  As an adult I have fond memories of travelling with some friends and having a conversation with a car full of strangers on the highway, displaying notes just like in the photo above.

Why is making a brief connection with an unknown person so interesting?  I love to chat with strangers in airports.  (Yes, I'm THAT person!! I get it from my dad!) I'm not expecting to become life-long friends.  I just love to find that common bond, whether it is travel, scrapbooking, kids, or who made the cut on American Idol. 

What kinds of things make you enjoy the trip, not just the destination?

Have a wonderfully whimsical day!

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