Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Strawberry Freezer Jam - YUM!

My husband stopped by the grocery store today to pick up milk.  He forgot all about the milk when he saw the great deal on strawberries. $1/lb.  He brought home 8 pounds of strawberries!  I knew that if I didn't do something right away, many of these strawberries would go to waste. Wasting strawberries is practically a crime, because these ones are REALLY GOOD.  So I removed the tops and washed them.  All 8 pounds of them.

This is only a few of our strawberries!

Then I decided I would freeze some of them, and I should make some freezer jam.  I had recently read a post about strawberry freezer jam over at The Frugal Girl.  After reading the post I picked up some special freezer-jam pectin in anticipation of jam making.  So I was ready to begin my adventure!  

The directions said to crush the strawberries, so I chopped them finely and then mashed them a bit with a potato masher.  They looked kind of crushed, so I mixed up my pectin with the sugar and mixed it all together.  Then I poured the mixture into some jars, and voila!  Strawberry freezer jam!  How easy was that?!

Mmm!  Delicious freezer jam!

Hopefully this post will inspire you to try something new today!  I had never made freezer jam before, but it was so easy, and it was definitely worth it!  Thanks to my impulsive husband I now have freshly made freezer jam, and frozen strawberries to put into my smoothies... I can always pick up milk tomorrow, right?

Have a whimsically wonderful day!

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