Saturday, December 1, 2012

Scrapbook Wonderland

I'm so excited to announce my NEW WEBSITE!!!

Scrapbook Wonderland can be found at

It is where you can find tips an techniques for scrapbooking, whether you want faster scrapbooking, easier scrapbooking or more detailed scrapbooking.  I hope you'll come to see what this new website has to offer.

Special for December:

Scrapbooking Christmas: 25 Ways to Capture the Magic.  This 25 day series will feature ways you can share the full story of your Christmas.  Don't forget to sign up for the FREE Download too!  (on the right side of the home page.

This link will take you to DAY 1: Advent Calendars.  From there you can follow the links!

Have a whimsically wonderful day!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Awesome Little Dyson Vacuum!

I'm so excited! About a vacuum.  
That seems like such a strange thing to say!

It's not just ANY vacuum though, it is the Dyson Slim Vacuum.  I can use it on my hardwood floors and on the carpet.  It runs on a rechargeable battery, so I don't have to plug in, or drag around a heavy vacuum, or deal with the long hose of my built-in vac.  It is light, not very loud, and best of all... IT REALLY SUCKS!

As in... sucks up all the crud from the floor!

I was convinced I needed to have one of these when I went to my aunt's house this August.  She pulled out this little vac, and it did an amazingly quick job on her hardwood floors.  Hmmm, I thought. That looked easy.

Then, for Thanksgiving I was at my cousins.  She pulled out her little vac, and went from tile to hardwood sucking up all the debris left by the crowd of people.  That looked handy too.

Back when we lived in our camper for 17 and a half months, I cleaned the whole camper using only a little Dyson handheld vacuum.  That  baby worked awesome, but eventually we wore the poor thing out!  

Finally I decided this past Saturday that I should really have one of these cute little vacuums. I hadn't realized how much I missed having the convenience of a little vacuum that you can just grab and go with.  I'm so happy I finally gave in!  Today I was talking to my friend on the phone and I zipped around and had my scrapbook room vacuumed in about 5 minutes. 

If you think you'd love one of these too, I'm including my affiliate link to below for your convenience.

Have a whimsically wonderful day!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Awesome Egg Yolk Trick

Perhaps I'm the last person to see this trick, but it is so awesome that I just had to share it.

I love this guy's sound effect when he puts the yolk back in the dish!  

I tried this trick at home and it was truly as simple as it looks.  I don't like egg yolk, so this is my new favourite trick for eggs!

Have a whimsically wonderful day!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Scrap Room Make Over

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Fortunately for me, my scrapbook room is not in need of a make over... a bit of a clean up, yes, but a make over, no. I was reading the latest blog post from Jen over at iHeart Organizing and I just had to share it.

Jen and a couple of helpers did a complete make over on a scrapbook room.  The story behind the make over is super sweet and heartwarming.  The ideas and little touches Jen put into the room are AMAZING!

iHeart Organizing: A Surprise Craft Room Before & After Story

I'd love to hear what your favourite thing about the make over is, so please leave me a comment!

Let your creativity shine!  And don't forget... there are no mistakes in scrapbooking, only opportunities for new creativity!


Successful Bread and Buns!


I have Finally made Successful Bread and Buns!

Here's my proof!

Oooh!  Amazing right?!

Not that impressed? You should be.  I have struggled with bread-making almost to the point of giving up forever. That may sound drastic but after making buns as hard as hockey pucks and bread that was so heavy and dense I was imagining where I could accent my yard with a rock shaped like a loaf of bread, I thought it was time to admit defeat.

Fortunately my stubborn side is strong... either that or I'm an unusually slow learner.

I was motivated to try my hand at making buns again the other day as I was on the phone with my friend.  (She happens to be amazing at everything... cooking, baking, decorating cakes, building fences, shooting a bear... yes, everything.) So I explained my "little problem" with baking.  She agreed to walk me through the steps over the phone... teleconference baking. 

Being a brilliant friend she had previously equipped me with the perfect recipe book for making buns.  So we both turned our books to page 88 and began to walk through the recipe.

This will best be pictured through a snippet of our conversation.

     Me: I've had the yeast in the warm water for almost 10 minutes now and it doesn't look very foamy.  I know it is good yeast, it is brand new.
     Baking Genius: Did you put the sugar in the water too?
     Me: (pause) uh... no.  I guess that would help huh?

I'm so pleased to say that with a lot of tele-guidance I was able to make amazing tasting buns and bread. Although I'm not sure if this should be attributed to my new skill or my friends amazing ability to tele-bake!  Either way... it was delicious and I can't wait to try again!

Have a whimsically wonderful day!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Reading: The Art of Racing in the Rain

The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein is a brilliant book!  There are so many "moments" that make this story come alive. The central character is Enzo, the canine companion of Denny, a professional race car driver. Enzo is a philosopher with a keen eye for observing human nature. Enzo may be a dog in this life, but he is planning on coming back as a human in his next one.

One my favourite of Enzo's observations comes when he is remembering his early days.  He distrusts medicine and shares his story of when the humans cut off his thumbs, aka dewclaws. The Doctor (Veterinarian) says to Enzo, "It's a mean bastard who won't pay for a little local anesthetic for his pups."  Enzo relates his version of the events, "Do you see?  That is why I distrust them.  It's a mean bastard who will do the cutting without anesthetic because he wants to get paid."

This book made me laugh, cry, and think.  I can't think of a better reason to recommend it than that!

Happy reading!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

October Stamp of the Month: Very Merry Christmas

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The October Stamp of the Month is "Very Merry Christmas".  This is a versatile stamp set that coordinates beautifully with the new Cricut Artiste cartridge. Get ready for your Christmas projects and cards now!

This stamp set can be ordered for $17.95 (plus S&H and tax) only during the month of October.  You can receive this set for the discounted price of ONLY $5 with an order of $50.

For more information on this, visit my website or send me an email alicesatticart(at)

There are no mistakes in scrapbooking, only opportunities for new creativity!
Let your creativity shine!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Advent Calendar Workshop

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There are so many products that I interested me in the new Fall/Winter Idea book, but one of my favourites is the Advent Calendar Workshop on the Go Kit.  

The kit includes:
  • cubby
  • dimensional frames
  • C-sized stamp set
  • cardstock
  • bitty sparkles
  • a full colour instruction booklet
The boxes for this project are easily cut out using the new Cricut Artiste Cartridge.  The workshop package includes 5 colours of cardstock and you will cut 5 boxes of each colour.

I would recommend using a bone folder to score the folds on the boxes.  This will help to make nice sharp creases on the boxes. 

To stamp the numbers on the boxes I used Archival Ink.  Archival ink is very dark and it will not fade the way a regular dye ink will. You will find some staining on your stamps when using Archival Ink.  This is normal and will not affect the function of the stamps.

To adhere the dimensional frames I used Liquid Glass.  Liquid Glass is a versatile material as it can be used to create a glossy accent or as an adhesive.  It dries fairly quickly and is very strong.

To secure the boxes I used Liquid Glass. The boxes I created for my project are nice and secure and will not fall apart.

The cost for the kit is $44.95 plus shipping and handling and GST.  I would also recommend Liquid Glass and Archival Ink for this project.  These items are available for purchase from my website or you can contact me to place an order.

I will also be hosting a Workshop class in the Attic for this kit on October 26, 2012. Contact me for class information!  alicesatticart(at)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Pinwheel Tutorial

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Today I'll show you how simple it is to make pinwheels!  They are a great addition to your scrapbook pages or cards... and they are SUPER SIMPLE!!

Supplies/Tools Required:
-paper! I used the Dotty for You! National Scrapbooking Month promotional paper from CTMH
-circle punch... any size... I used the 1-1/4" punch from CTMH
-one mini glue dot
-a pinwheel center... I used a CTMH Opaque Pearl
Punch out a circle and fold it into quarters.
Cut along the fold-line PART-WAY to the center.  
(I marked my cuts with pencil so you can see where to STOP!!)
Put a glue dot in the centre of the circle.
Start folding in one corner of each of the 'petals'.
Don't make sharp folds, you want to create a curl in the paper. 
All four petals will meet in the middle.
I sponged the edges of the pinwheel for dimension.
Pop on the center of the pinwheel.  I used an Opaque Pearl.
You can also try Sparkles, Brads, Buttons, etc!

Now, wasn't that SUPER SIMPLE??!!  Now here's an idea of what you can do with these adorable little pinwheels!
Want to know more about products from this card... see Yesterday's Post!

Let your creativity shine!

Don't forget!  There are no mistakes in scrapbooking, only opportunities for new creativity!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

CTMH Cricut Blog Hop

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Welcome to the CTMH Cricut Blog Hop!  If you arrived here from Haley's blog The Inky Scrapper  you are in the right place!

Today I will share a card I made using some of the extras that are included with the Art Philosophy Cartridge.

Note: The card is made using paper from the Dotty for You! National Scrapbooking Month promotional paper package.  If you LOVE this paper hurry over to my shopping page as it will not be available after May 31st!!

The "Happy Birthday" greeting uses a stamp from one of the 3 bonus stamp sets that are included with your purchase of the Art Philosophy cartridge.  I cut the yellow dot background with the cricut, and I mounted it on one of the 3 Dimensional Elements sheets from the kit.

Here you can see the bonus stamp set and Dimensional Elements sheet that I used.

If you want more information about the Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge from Close to my Heart check out my website.

TUTORIAL PREVIEW!!  Have you ever made pinwheels before?  They are super fun, and very easy!  Come back tomorrow for a quick tutorial so you can add them to your toolbox of fun techniques!

Your next stop on this hop is Carol's Blog happy hopping!

Let your creativity shine!

Don't forget there are no mistakes in scrapbooking, only opportunities for new creativity!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hatching Chicks!

This weekend we had a bit of excitement around here!  We were incubating some chicken eggs and they started to hatch!

The eggs are incubated for 21 days.  The chicks hatch over a period of a day or two.  We now have 21 baby chicks!
For now the chicks will be in our house, and soon we will move them out to the chicken house.  We are adding an outdoor pen to the chicken house so the chicks will be able to play outside safely.  I'll share some more photos of the cute little chicks soon!!

Have a whimsically wonderful day!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mommy and Me Workshop

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I don't know what is more adorable than sharing scrapbooking with a group of little girls and their moms!  I'm so excited to show you the projects we made in my latest Mommy and Me Workshop!  If you missed my first Mommy and Me Workshop you can check it out on my personal blog: A Whimsical Wonderland.  Last time the theme for the workshop was butterflies.  This time I chose banners... how fun is that?!!  :)

We made three projects:

A Card:

A Scrapbook page:

A Banner:

The little girls all made banners with their names on them.  It was so great watching them working with their moms to make the projects.  These girls are already super-creative, and they are going to become amazing scrapbookers as they grow up!

I hope this will inspire you to share scrapbooking with a little girl in your life!

Let your creativity shine!

*There are no mistakes in scrapbooking, only opportunities for new creativity!

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Finally!  I can finally say that we have taken our boys skiing!  I have been wanting to do this all winter!  I have been listening to so many people telling me how awesome the skiing has been this winter, and I was harbouring a lot of guilt... we have NEVER taken our boys skiing before!  This might not seem like a big deal, but we live a mere 2-1/2 hour drive from Jasper, home of some of the best skiing in the world!

My husband and I were considering what we would like to do to celebrate our upcoming 15th anniversary.  He knew that I would want to do something special.  We tossed around the idea of a party, but suddenly inspiration hit!  Skiing!

So the morning of April 17th (our 15th wedding anniversary) we loaded up the boys and set out for Jasper.  It was surprising to see how little snow there was at the base of the mountain, we have more in our backyard.  As we climbed the twisty road up the mountain the ditches became more and more white, and soon it really looked like skiing was a possibility.

At the chalet we purchased our lift tickets and rented our ski equipment... $500... OUCH!  (Maybe this has something to do with why we don't go skiing all of the time!)  Then we went to the parking lot.  We helped the boys into their skis and soon we were ready to start.  It was time to teach the boys to ski!

The snow was excellent, and the skiing was totally wonderful! I was amazed at how quickly the boys caught on to skiing.  Joe was cautious and Ryan was a "point the skis down the hill" daredevil.  Nothing unusual about that!  :) 
Jonas and Joe on the lift.
Ryan and me on the lift.
Joe and me on the hill.
Ryan shows his moves.
Joe picks up speed on the hill.
My action self-photography... I LOVE taking my own photo!
The ski family!
It's not a trip to Jasper without seeing some wildlife!  (Elk)
After an awesome day of skiing we headed home tired and happy!

Have a wonderfully whimsical day!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Reading: Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

My book club recently read the 2009 book, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford.  This book was an excellent read!  The characters were warm and real.  The relationships were conveyed in a realistic way. It was one of those books that drew you into its world and characters.

This historical fiction novel is about Henry, a first-generation Chinese immigrant.  He revisits his past after he sees some of the items found in the basement of the Panama Hotel.  The items were personal belongings from Japanese families that were forced into internment camps during WWII.  

During the war Henry was friends with Keiko, a second-generation Japanese girl.  They met at school and formed an awkward friendship as they were the only "scholarship kids" at an all-white school.  This was a difficult relationship for Henry because his father was very angry with  the Japanese people due to the wars between China and Japan.  The recollections of their friendship and the trials of life during this time are the perfect balance between bitter and sweet which makes the title of this book is an excellent choice.

If you are interested in discovering this beautiful story of long lost love,  it is available from Amazon through the link below.

Happy reading!  Have a whimsically wonderful day!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cookie, Cutest Dog Ever

Today my son Joe made a video about his dog, Cookie.  It is so cute!  Check it out and if you like it please share it with your friends.  He would love to have everyone see it!

Have a whimsically wonderful day!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Scrapbook Club for Kids Artwork

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In addition to two monthly scrapbook clubs for adults I also host a monthly scrapbook club for kids. Every month we use a Workshop on the Go Kit from Close to My Heart and create beautiful scrapbook pages.  For this class I prepare a project only as a jumping off point, as the participants are very happy creating their own unique pages.  I present design ideas and interesting techniques to the club members to inspire their pages and built their technique skill set.  I love to see the creative ideas the club members share with me too!

The kit we used in March was the Superhero Workshop on the Go Kit.  Here is the project that I made.

The layout for this page is called "Final Act" from the Magic book by Jeanette Lynton.  It features a tag booklet in the feature photo of the first page.

The Superhero Workshop on the Go Kit includes:
1- My Reflections Superhero Paper Packet
1- My Acrylix Superhero Workshop Stamp Set
2- White Daisy Cardstock Sheets
1- Comic Badge Buttons
1- Dimensional Elements Stars
1- Instructional Brochure
This kit is available for the low cost of only $29.95 + Shipping and Handling and Tax.
If you are interested in purchasing this kit click the link to my shopping page on the right side of this blog, or click HERE.
Superhero Workshop on the Go Kit

Let your creativity shine!

*There are no mistakes in scrapbooking, only opportunities for new creativity!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Scrapbook Club Artwork

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I host monthly clubs in the Attic for adults. When you come to club you assemble a project using some of the great new products from Close to My Heart.  The club commitment is to purchase $25 of scrapbook supplies each month, for 7 months.  We meet in October, November, January, February, March, April and May.  Each member of the club takes a turn being the hostess.  They bring a light snack, a friend, and they receive the hostess benefits for the month (free scrapbook supplies!!).  

I would like to share the club projects so far this season!

October: featuring the "Typeset" paper

November: featuring the "Believe" paper

January: featuring the "Wonderland" paper

February: featuring the "Stella" paper

March: featuring the "Lucy" paper

We still have two more clubs left in this session.  I will post the projects as we complete them. I will be forming new clubs in the fall!

Let your creativity shine!

*There are no mistakes in scrapbooking, only opportunities for new creativity!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Scrapbook Inspiration: Links!

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I wanted to share some links to more pages and projects I have created!  I have another blog where I post random bits and pieces from my life.  Inspiration, humour, book reviews, menu plans, pretty much anything can be found on that blog: A Whimsical Wonderland.  Alice's Attic Art is my new home for all of my scrapbooking content.  

7 Scrapbook posts for your perusal. 

Mommy and Me Workshop

Recipe Box/Photo Storage Box Class

Christmas Card Workshop

Pumpkin Decor

My Super-Star Boys Scrapbook

Fall into Scrapbooking

Big Idea Festival

I hope you found something that will inspire you!

Let your creativity shine!

*There are no mistakes in scrapbooking, only opportunities for new creativity!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Welcome to Alice's Attic: Tour!

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Welcome to the new home for my scrapbooking and crafting adventures!  I am excited to have a place where I can showcase the fun and exciting projects that are made in my beautiful craft room, Alice's Attic.  I think the best introduction would be a tour of the Attic!

Alice's Attic: This is the main crop floor.  There is seating for 8 + me.  I usually host a maximum of 5 for crop nights, so that everyone has room to spread out!

Sew Wonderful Zone and the Tool Shop: Cricut, Big Shot, Cinch, and Cuttlebug:  All of the tools are ready and waiting.

The Library: I have a variety of idea books and magazines to inspire you.  Also take a peek through my scrapbooks for more inspiration!

Stamps, stamps, stamps!!!

The Comfort Zone: for rest and relaxation!

The Shopping Zone: Browse my personal stash for items from Close to My Heart to take home today!

Inspiration Station: Take a peek through the mini-albums and projects for inspiration.

Attic dwellers: These guys love scrapbooking and they can't wait to hang out with you too!

Snack Attack!  Refreshments are a scrapbooking necessity, right?

The Room of Requirement: Take a break in this pink washroom.

As you can see, once you are up in the Attic there is no reason to leave!  I hope you will join me soon!

Let your creativity shine!

*There are no mistakes in scrapbooking, only opportunities for new creativity!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mommy and Me Workshop

In January I hosted my first Mommy and Me Workshop. The Attic became a very busy place with 9 little girls and their mom's (and a grandma too!) getting crafty! We had 3 hours and 3 butterfly-themed projects to complete, a scrapbook page (of course!), a recipe box, and a chandelier.

First up, the scrapbook page.  We used the 'Wings' paper, added dimension to the butterfly with sponge-inked edges and bling-ed it up with some glitter glue.  (Glitter glue was a 'highly-controlled' substance in this class, with VERY specific directions as we all know how much fun it can be!)
Click photo to enlarge

Next the girls made a recipe box/photo storage box.  They chose from either the 'Sophia' paper or the 'Sweetheart' paper.  The boxes were embellished with butterfly stickers or punched shaper and sparkles.
Click photo to enlarge

Finally we created a butterfly chandelier.  This is an idea I found through Pinterest.  The original website is Heartland Paper.  Please visit their website for directions and to view their original project.  (They added more dimension to the butterflies by using vellum!!)
Click to enlarge

My next Mommy and Me Workshop is coming up April 15, 2012.  We will create 3 projects: a scrapbook page, a card and a 3-D object. Cost $25. Registration deadline: March 22.  Visit my facebook page Alice's Attic - Scrapbooking or contact me through my website to register.

I hope you have a whimsically wonderful day!